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African Music Circles works with dynamic, talented, professional people who are passionate about their music. They love what they do. Once you see them perform they’re passion becomes obvious. Our team is made up of musicians, master drummers and facilitators who are committed to a collaborative approach and development of our products.

CouldBeat Jenako’ were a little surprised to have maintained their number 1 status on the Reverbnation world chart for so long however this is an energetic spiritual fusion band and their infectious polyrhythmic sounds have been spreading happiness in the UK and now Perth since they first stated jamming together in 2008.

‘Couldbeat Jenako’ is orchestrated by Master traditional musician Moses from Ghana, who has toured Germany, USA and Europe as Cultural troupe leader. It was a rousingly funky Hallelujah when Moses found lead guitarist Pradeepa to bring the melodies in his head to life. The music easily fused with Nate at the Bass who collapsed the boundary between Jazz and rock giving the music it’s incredibly dance-able groove.

Dancer and percussionist Kawaka who along with Ian the drummer, give the music a cool Caribbean island flavour. Dreads get swaying as they spice up the percussion with a fusion of reggae and rock flavours. ‘First we had this funky African jazz thing going on’ explains Moses ‘Now its evolved into this complex fusion of Jazz, funk, rock, Ghanaian high life, Latin and Caribbean. We are all saying Welcome Home!’

Although they couldn’t be happier than they are with their devoted fans in Perth, Moses and the guys have set their sights on the music Festivals in Australia. ‘We just want to get out there and play at this point,’ Moses says, ‘With some EP’s under our belt, we’re ready to get some more exposure and record our first album!’”