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Moses Nii Odartei

A Master Drummer and teacher in traditional Ghanaian Music. He is described in Ghana as the ‘Traditional Man’. He holds knowledge of many tribes musical heritage. Already regarded by many connoisseurs as one of the best amongst the Master Drummers of this world. His life is totally dedicated to the music and his traditions, mesmerizing audiences with his out of this world skills, talent, power and virtuosity. Moses is a true master through dedication and ability and holds cultural qualifications from the Ghana Heritage Association.
Moses was born in Ghana, West Africa in a place called Teshie. This village is half an hour south of the capital, Accra. Moses started to play at the age of 5 years old in church and has been surrounded by music throughout his life. Moses was a member of the international acclaimed ‘Kusun Ensemble’ and has lead ensembles on tour in Germany, America and the UK.
Moses has knowledge of the musical traditions of The Ga, The Ewe, the Ashanti, The Northern Region of Ghana as well as neighbouring countries of Mali, Togo, Nigeria and Benin. Moses is able to break down the music and teach the music of these countries in Instrumental, Song and dance form. He hopes to carry his tradition and music through his life and share it with people all around the world.



Kawaka Nzige

Kawaka was born and grew up in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, in East Africa, a small coastal town located across the bay from the island of Zanzibar, and known as the arts and music cultural capital of Tanzania. Kawaka first started to play drums in primary school, and growing up would gather to practice dancing and singing for the local village band every Saturday night, which would perform for special occasions such as local or neighborhood village ceremonies.
Since moving to Arusha (northern Tanzania) in 2007, Kawaka spent more than 5 years with Africa Traditional Dance Group, performing traditional tribal drumming and dance routines from various tribal villages across Tanzania. These routines occur collectively and express the life of the traditional tribal community in Tanzania. Africa Traditional Dance Group have performed and held workshops in Sweden, Holland, Germany and Kenya and held performances for official government party events (such as Madaraka day in Nairobi), tourist events (in Serengeti and national parks of Tanzania)­­­, as well as not-for-profit community events fundraising for awareness of HIV, malaria, child labor and violence against women. Kawaka has also facilitated several workshops and drumming technique demonstrations for disadvantaged street children in local orphanages in Moshi, Arusha and Bagamoyo in Tanzania.
Kawaka primarily plays Sindimba ngoma – drumming associated with a popular traditional dance from the south Tanzanian Makonde tribe. Kawaka not only has extensive knowledge of the traditional music from the various 120 tribes across Tanzania, but also Taraab music from the Zanzibar as well as other African countries  and ….­­ He hopes to extend his knowledge and love of traditional African dancing ….. and to share with the community in Western Australia.



Pradeepta is a highly experienced and talented musician, with the ability of casting a musical spell over the audience. He comes from a strong vocals and guitar background and has great singing and instrument playing ability. Passionate about music he has the natural ability to adjust his own style to suit different music. He is a quick learner open to learn new styles, finding it easy to flow with other musicians. He also plays mouth harmonica and flute.
Pradeepta has performed in many bands previously including: ‘Sensimillia’, ‘Lion Sky’, ‘Freedom Hill’, ‘Himalaya’, and ‘Dark Coven’. Pradeepa has also offered his services as a Freelance Musician in Tokyo Japan 2008 – 2012. Festivals include: ‘Victory Day’ Summer Festival, Gorodskoi Park, Saratov City, Russia and the ‘University Festival’, Tokyo and the ‘Sunset@Subi’ Summer festival in Perth.
Pradeepta has performed as a solo artist in the style of Bob Dylan, Neil Young with acoustic guitar and Mouth Harmonica at various bars in Tokyo and has done corporate band events in Perth. He has toured with a popular Singer from Nepal during his Australia tour to Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide in 2014 also with the band ‘Live Festa’ with ‘Albatross’.
Apart from playing music, Pradeepta holds a Masters degree in Environmental and Information studies and is fluent in 6 different languages.



Playing the bass since 2001, Nate is all about the groove. Rhythm pulsates simply when he is resting, and this permeates through his music.
Like many teenagers he started off influenced by Rock & Roll, but later shifted his interest towards the Hip-Hop sound of the streets. This in turn led him to discover the soul era of the 50’s and 60’s.
Rhythm & Blues has always impacted his style and relationship with music. Artists such as B.B King, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers as well as numerous local Perth bands are noted as being influential on Nate.
Travel opened up his experiences to new sounds and new instruments and it was only in 2010 when he was asked to join original Roots Reggae group ‘Third Wind’ that he discovered his love for the ‘One Drop’ sound. Along with his musical evolution within reggae, he also encouraged the study and understanding of the Rasta culture, striving for higher heights, a conscious awakening and the spread of love, music and dance.
An avid adventurer that loves to get amongst nature, Nate’s place within ‘Couldbeat Jenako’ appears to be a natural progression and he is proud to stand behind what they represent.
Playing the bass since 2001, Nate is all about the groove. Rhythm pulsates simply when he is resting, and this permeates through his music.



Ian is an Australian born drummer with a love for Reggae and the African groove. Growing up in a musical household, he played with his father, brothers and friends from an early age.
Ian has now found an extended musical family through playing drum set with the ‘COULDBEAT JENAKO’ band. Past and present musical projects include: ‘Souljah kaptives’, ‘Beleza Tribe’ and ‘The U-nites’.
In between recording, playing shows and practice, Ian is the owner and manager of a rehearsal studio in Perth city.
Ian is an avid drummer who is always aiming to sit in the pocket of the rhythm and fill the space needed. Apart from drumming, Ian is also a dedicated family man.